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Overview of AWS-Related Modules

The objective of this guide is show basic features kikaha offers out-of-box which may be useful to make deployment and monitoring easier on Amazon.

Note: This guide is focused on 2.1.x version of Kikaha.

For more information about AWS, please consult this guide.

AWS Cloud Modules Overview

Out-of-box Kikaha provides some features which integrates with AWS services:

  • Versatile configuration mechanism to retrieve credentials
  • Auto Join on AWS Application Load Balancer
  • Deploy artifacts to AWS S3
  • Deploy artifacts through AWS Code Deploy
  • Read configurations from AWS EC2 tags
  • Distribute Task Consumers with AWS SQS
  • Monitore your application throughput with AWS X-Ray
  • Create alarms from JVM metrics with CloudWatch
  • Deploy serverless application with AWS Lambda